We negotiate a wide variety of Arabica and Robusta qualities that come from several producing countries (please see below the origin of our coffee). We serve clients who are always on the lookout for the rare pearl in order to satisfy their consumers.

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Coffee at a glance

It is assumed that coffee originated in Ethiopia and its first culture would have been developed in Yemen before expanding to all Arab countries. It was only in 1600 that Europe took advantage of that flavour, and in 1727 the Americas experienced its first plantation in Brazil.

Today coffee remains a family business; in fact 70% of the plantations are situated in fields smaller than 10 hectares and on mountain sides reaching up to 2000 m. in altitude. Coffee culture sustains a very large number of people because picking can often be done only manually.

Arabica produces a soft and aromatic coffee and requires a cooler climate than Robusta; Arabica is grown in mountain regions, while Robusta, which gives more caffeine, is better acclimatized to flat lands and its yield is superior.

Arabica’s harvest is carried out 6-8 months after flowering, while we have to wait 9-11 months for Robusta. Before shipping, the coffee is stripped of its envelope by drying and washing, then of its hull by a mechanical process.

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