cocoa-goldmanThe advantages and the main assets of our enterprise are our values, which have been the basis of our different successes.

Respect is fundamental in exchanges and trading; it is impossible to thrive without respect in the diversity of cultures of our clients, suppliers and colleagues. Treat everyone as we would like to be treated, is very important. By trusting and by respecting people, they will do work better and bring the company to the excellence.

Integrity is part of our genetic. We act Honesty and Fairness in all we do…

Enterpreneurship and team-work. We all are partners and shareholders of the company, reason why we do everything possible, and we merge the diverse expertise of our team in order to benefit our customers and suppliers.

Customer and Supplier oriented. We listen carefully to our customers and our suppliers and we act as an involved partner with all of them because we think that the success of our customers and our suppliers will make our success. We strive to deliver our products with the best quality in their category in terms of value for each dollar paid. Each of us takes the responsibility for the quality of anything we make.

Quality =