boatGoldman Commodities, family trading company which works hard to build bridges between farmers and industrial consumers worldwide. Goldman Commodities’ strength is our team’s know how in Singapore & Indonesia.  We benefit of a successful experience of more than fifteen years trading a wide range of agricultural commodities. We also are surrounded by bankers in order to excel in the management of risk and optimize our financial transactions.

Our Goal  is not only to deliver the best quality, but more: we will help our customers to protect margins and reduce their exposure to risk. The deep knowledge of the market of Cocoa, Coffee, Rice, Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Vanilla … gives us a competitive advantage to manage risk in the business.

To achieve our target we count on strong partnerships with local producers and cooperatives; Partnerships which we constantly strive to improve and solidify by many ways.

Goldman Commodities is proud to serves major players in the food industry, perfumery and distribution in Europe and USA.

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